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  • Anyone who has faced severe pain in a knee, hip, shoulder, or other bone or joint knows the benefits of orthopedics. Joint replacements, back surgeries and a variety of orthopedic procedures are commonplace for many individuals who lead active lifestyles or who have experienced injuries. That’s why Wellmont Medical Associates offers regional experts to meet your orthopedic needs.

    What is an orthopedic physician?

    Orthopedic physicians deal with injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which consists of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. This broad field contains several subspecialties for different areas of the body, including the knee, hip and shoulder. There are also a number of specialties within orthopedics such as orthopedic trauma and sports medicine that treat specialized types of injuries and conditions.

    Why choose Wellmont Medical Associates orthopedics?

    The orthopedic surgeons and specialists at Wellmont Medical Associates are skilled in a wide range of surgeries and procedures, from joint replacements and rotator cuff repairs to surgical repairs for orthopedic trauma and crush injuries. These physicians are committed to helping you return to your normal activities, maximizing mobility and minimizing pain.

    Because Wellmont Medical Associates practices are affiliated with Wellmont Health System, a wide variety of HMO, PPO and POS insurance plans are accepted. Patients of these orthopedic practices have convenient access to the full scope of medical expertise and specialties offered at Wellmont’s hospitals and throughout the health system.

    How do I get started?

    Wellmont Medical Associates makes it easy to learn more or to schedule an appointment near you.

    • Talk to your primary care physician about your questions or concerns. He or she can help you determine your best way forward, as well as provide a referral and assist with scheduling appointments with Wellmont Medical Associates specialists.

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