• Zenda Galyon, health care professional

  • In 1956, Zenda Galyon’s mother made the relatively unusual decision to give birth in a hospital, instead of at home with a midwife. And when complications struck, that turned out to be a fortunate choice – the team at Holston Valley Medical Center performed lifesaving surgery, and Zenda was able to grow up with a mother.

    Now, Zenda works at Holston Valley, bringing the hospital’s legacy full circle.

  • Zenda tells her and her mother’s story

  • I was born at Holston Valley Medical Center on Nov. 6, 1956. Just after my birth, my mother nearly died from blood loss. As the story goes, she was "clinically dead."

    When the nurse saw the pool of blood in my mother's bed, she turned white and ran from the room for help. My mother had to have an emergency hysterectomy at the very young age of 19 to save her life, along with several pints of lifesaving blood to replace all that she had lost after giving birth.

    Women used midwives at home a lot back then. If she had been at home instead of at Holston Valley, she would have died. Thank you, Holston Valley and Dr. McConnell, for giving my mother back to me!! I would never had the pleasure of knowing her and having a mother's unconditional love if not for you.

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