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  • A Day He'll Never Forget
  • When Ted Cross started experiencing back pain, he tried to find a non-surgical solution. But when nothing else worked, he knew where to turn – to Holston Valley Medical Center.

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    There are some days in life you never forget.

    The great game you pitched in high school. Your wedding day. The day you asked Christ into your heart. The birth of your child. The day you put your foot on that shovel and plunged it into the hard earth…

    I guess not everything we remember in life is necessarily good, and the latter definitely falls outside that category.

    I had recently become an avid landscaper and was digging my own koi pond. It was going to be beautiful! It wasn't the first hole I had dug, and it wouldn't be my last, but it would definitely be the last one for a good long while.

    I had never had back pain before, and I tried everything before venturing down the surgical path. I saw my primary care provider, chiropractors, acupuncturists - anyone who promised a cure.

    If you've never had back pain, let me tell you it can be completely debilitating - and sciatic pain is brutal. At the recommendation of my primary care doctor, I finally agreed to see a neurosurgeon, and Dr. Ken Smith just happened to be one of the best in our area.

    In January of 2000 I underwent my first back surgery - yes, the first of three. That procedure resulted in several days of recovery in Wilcox Hall at Holston Valley Medical Center.

    Admittedly, I'm not the best listener when it comes to post-treatment care, so my wife and daughter took turns staying with me during my entire visit to make sure I "obeyed the rules" and did what I was supposed to do. They have pretty high standards for my care - and I've had multiple surgeries in my lifetime - but we all agree that the care I received at Holston Valley was unparalleled.

    Dr. Smith did a great job with my surgery, but so much of your recovery also depends on the care you receive after a procedure.

    I can't praise the staff in Wilcox Hall enough for how well they cared for me. I had some post-operative challenges, and they were so very gracious with their time and energy to make sure I had what I needed to ensure a strong recovery.

    I don't recommend ever needing to have back surgery, but should you find yourself in that place, you couldn't ask for a better experience than I had at Holston Valley Medical Center.

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