• Neurologic Testing & Treatment

    Comprehensive diagnostic testing helps Wellmont’s neurologic physicians and care teams identify, diagnose and treat neurologic and nerve disorders as early as possible.

    Diagnostic services also help locate neurologic problems within the human brain and central nervous system, enabling Wellmont’s experienced neurologists to recommend the most effective treatments. A wide range of diagnostic testing procedures and innovative technologies are available within the Wellmont system.

    Additionally, Bristol Regional Medical Center serves as a receiving site for neurologic tests from several hospitals in Southwest Virginia that are not part of the Wellmont system. Wellmont’s board-certified neurologists receive and interpret those results and advise colleagues and patients throughout the region, extending their reach far beyond our local communities and raising the standard of care for a wide range of neurological disorders.

  • How do I get started?

    If you have questions about Wellmont's neuroscience services, please speak with your primary care provider or call Wellmont Nurse Connection at 1-877-230-NURSE (6877).