Dr. Baumrucker, Matlock-Carr to Begin Providing Palliative Medicine Consults in Rogersville

Feb. 28, 2017 | ROGERSVILLE, Tenn.

Patients in Hawkins County and surrounding communities who are experiencing symptoms of advanced disease or its treatment will soon have access to palliative care services closer to home.

Steven Baumrucker, M.D., and Natosha Matlock-Carr, a nurse practitioner, who practice with Wellmont Medical Associates Palliative Medicine, will begin seeing patients on Fridays in the office building at 405 Scenic Drive. They will start March 3 and assist patients and families who face chronic, progressive or life-threatening illnesses.

“Coming to Rogersville will increase convenience for patients in Hawkins County so they can receive the care they need without traveling longer distances,” Dr. Baumrucker said. “Palliative care is a positive choice for quality of life, and we are grateful we will be able to offer this compassionate service to patients in a rural setting.”

Wellmont Medical Associates Palliative Medicine provides care at inpatient and outpatient facilities, as well as at nursing homes and home visits.

“We coordinate care with people’s health care providers and deliver emotional and spiritual support for them and their caregivers,” said Sue Lindenbusch, senior vice president of the Wellmont Cancer Institute. “We also offer counseling for end-of-life care, comfort care, living wills and advanced directives. It’s a comprehensive program that ensures the holistic needs of patients and their families are addressed.”

Dr. Baumrucker said palliative medicine works with patients and families to help them fully understand a person’s medical condition, care options and other essentials.

“We work to make sure any transition is as smooth as possible from inpatient to outpatient or to home care,” he said. “Families and individuals need help understanding and coordinating care during these critical times.”

Palliative care provides valuable support for people with illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, kidney failure, dementia, AIDS and cystic fibrosis.

“Our services are beneficial for those facing distressing symptoms from any serious illness or who need help making medical decisions,” Dr. Baumrucker said. “Delaying this care might make a person more susceptible to stress, anxiety and depression.”

Access to Wellmont’s palliative care services is available through a referral from a physician. The office at 405 Scenic Drive is adjacent to Hawkins County Memorial Hospital.

Please visit www.WellmontPhysicians.org to learn more about Wellmont Medical Associates.