Wellmont Cancer Institute Receives Blankets from Two Organizations to Help Patients Stay Warm

July 29, 2016Wellmont Cancer Institute patients will be wrapped in the community’s warmth with a thoughtful donation of blankets by Subaru of America and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The two organizations recently presented the cancer institute’s outpatient facilities on West Stone Drive in Kingsport and Island Road in Bristol, Virginia, with 60 blankets apiece. There were also some handwritten notes from the community that contained encouraging messages for patients.

“Whether it is caused by the disease itself or as a result of treatment, cancer patients can experience side effects that make them feel cold,” said Cathy Gott, the cancer institute’s system director of oncology. “Weight loss, low blood counts, immune suppression and chemotherapy drug regimens can cause some discomfort. A blanket helps physically warm them, but it also says the community cares about you.”

The cancer institute provides hospital blankets for its patients while they are in the treatment facilities. But these recently donated blankets can be taken home and symbolize the support patients experienced while they received life-affirming care at Wellmont’s facilities. Patients are welcome to bring the blankets when they return for additional visits.

“Chemotherapy patients are with us in the infusion center for multiple hours – sometimes even all day,” Gott said. “We want them to feel comfortable while they are with us. The gift of a blanket lends itself to making the space they are using more personalized. Anytime you can make the patient feel at home during their time with us creates an even better healing environment.”

Subaru and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society hope this initiative will raise awareness to help find a cure for cancer.

“The assistance we receive from the community demonstrates to patients that they are not alone in their fight against cancer,” said Sue Lindenbusch, the cancer institute’s senior vice president. “We thank Subaru and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for being attuned to the needs of our patients and responding so generously with such meaningful gifts. During this challenging time in their lives, our patients will appreciate the love and support these blankets provide.”