64-Slice CT Scanner

A CT scan – or computed tomography scan – uses X-rays to produce images of a patient's body. But unlike a traditional two-dimensional X-ray, CT scans create incredibly detailed cross-sectional images by rotating around the body inside the gantry, which is the machine's large doughnut-shaped opening. A CT scanner is also unique because it can display a combination of soft tissue, bones and blood vessels in a single image.

Many Wellmont Health System hospitals offer the computed tomography scanning system. The 64-slice CT scanner is even more powerful than a regular CT scanner in that it captures up to 64 simultaneous anatomical slices of 0.5 mm in a single gantry rotation. Even precise images of rapidly moving organs like the heart and lungs are possible. It is also proving revolutionary in helping examine patients who can’t hold their breath, such as trauma victims, young children or the extremely ill.

Wellmont's experts use CT scans to diagnose everything from cysts and tumors to blood diseases, blood clots, hemorrhages and infections. CT technology can also perform screenings for early detection of lung cancer and virtual colonoscopies for the non-invasive detection of pre-cancerous polyps and colon cancer. With such incredible speed and coverage, these scans allow us to diagnose at earlier stages and without invasive or surgical procedures previously required to make the diagnosis. And that means earlier treatment for potentially better outcomes.

Low-dose radiation CT scanning

Holston Valley Medical Center has acquired special low-dose radiation technology from GE for its 64-slice CT scanner, and the outpatient imaging center on Stone Drive in Kingsport also offers the low-dose CT scanning technology. This state-of-the-art software enhances patient safety by significantly reducing exposure to radiation while still providing high quality CT images. It can be especially helpful for patients who require multiple radiation exposures over a long period of time or for children whose immature tissues can be more sensitive to radiation.

Preparing for a CT scan

  • You will receive a phone call from our staff confirming your appointment. At this time you may be informed of any specific procedure preparations.
  • We request that you arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled procedure time to complete paperwork and to change clothes if necessary. If your CT is lower gastrointestinal related, you will be instructed by the scheduling staff to arrive 1 hour prior to your procedure to begin drinking a barium contrast material that is necessary for the CT procedure.
  • Please wear loose-fitting clothes without zippers or snaps; metal objects create artifacts on the images. You may be requested to change into a clinic gown.
  • Please bring the written prescription your physician gave you for this procedure.
  • If contrast will be used, do not consume food or beverages four hours prior to the procedure.
  • You should inform your physician or a center staff member if you are taking GLUCOPHAGE (METFORMIN) OR GLUCOVANCE (GLYBURIDE/METFORMIN) for a diabetic condition.
  • We strongly encourage you to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have prior to your procedure. We strongly believe that communication with our patients is an important part of the service we provide

If you have questions, please call Wellmont Nurse Connection at 1-877-230-NURSE.