• Hospice Care

    Wellmont Health System’s hospice care experts are committed to honoring life for all patients and providing families the support they need during their important times of transition.

    What is hospice?

    The goal of hospice care is to allow patients to live as fully as possible, while focusing on helping them remain comfortable during the final stages of life.

    When possible, hospice provides support at home – where patients and families usually prefer to be – for those in the end stages of progressive, incurable illnesses.

    Inpatient hospice care may also be offered to patients who have symptoms that can no longer be controlled in the home setting. 

    Pain and symptom management, support services

    The main purpose of hospice is to provide effective management of pain and other symptoms of end-stage illness and to offer supportive services for patients and their families.

    Physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs are addressed to offer hope, comfort and support.

    What hospice services do we offer?

    In-home care

    Since home is typically a patient's most familiar environment, it is likely the one that provides the greatest sense of security and comfort. In fact, hospice care may be provided anywhere a patient lives, including a nursing home or assisted-care facility.

    Wellmont Hospice House

    In situations where hospice care needs to be provided outside the home, we offer the Wellmont Hospice House in Bristol, Tenn. This beautiful facility – the first freestanding hospice built in Tennessee – has served the Tri-Cities region for almost two decades, providing exceptional hospice care close to home.

    With its dedicated medical director, the hospice house offers intensive symptom management, respite care, pediatric hospice care and an impressive nurse-to-patient ratio that allows caregivers to spend more time focusing on the needs of patients and families.

    Care in the community

    Outside the typical hospice settings, Wellmont's experts offer a variety of hospice services in local Tri-Cities communities, including special programs like Camp Caterpillar and the "We Honor Veterans" program.

    Other hospice services include:

    • Nursing care
    • Short-term inpatient care, including respite care
    • Medical social work services
    • Physician services
    • Medications for symptom and pain management
    • Medical equipment and supplies
    • Physical and occupational therapy
    • Speech and language pathology services
    • Spiritual counseling
    • Dietary evaluation and education
    • Bereavement follow-up services and support for loved ones – up to 12 or 13 months following the patient's death
    • Volunteer services

    Grief support

    Grief support groups are offered at regular intervals throughout Wellmont's service area to anyone who has lost a loved one.

    Why choose Wellmont for hospice care?

    Hospice team members at Wellmont strive to honor each patient by providing exceptional care. We are also committed to ensuring families have the support they need.

    Exceptional quality with a hometown touch

    Our hospice services are unique because they offer national quality while maintaining the personal touch that many local patients and families appreciate. Hospice staff members understand the value of being cared for by friends and neighbors.

    Wellmont's hospice program is accredited by The Joint Commission and is a member of the Tennessee Hospice Organization and Virginia Association for Hospices and Palliative Care, as well as the Hospice Foundation of America. These recognitions and affiliations help ensure we offer a full range of services, the level of quality and care you expect and the respect you and your loved ones deserve.

    Patients can keep their primary care providers

    You or your loved one's primary physician may continue to provide care during your hospice treatment.

    Or the provider may choose to have the hospice medical director assume care. The hospice medical director is a licensed physician with specialized training and certification in care and symptom management for patients facing the end of life.

    Extensive insurance coverage for hospice services

    Medicare, Medicaid, TennCare and most commercial insurance programs cover hospice services, in many cases with no co-pay. For those who are unable to pay, hospice services may also be provided under certain circumstances.

    Interested in a hospice speaker?

    Hospice staff members are available to speak to civic organizations, churches and other groups on a variety of end-of-life topics. Please call (423) 844-5252 for more information.

    Getting started with hospice care

    If you have a family member or loved one who requires hospice care, Wellmont's hospice experts want to help ease that burden. Please contact us at (423) 844-5252 or 800-844-4070 for more information.


    Hands and heart illustration

    Lend hospice a helping hand. Help ensure every patient receives the care and dignity they deserve during the final stages of their journey.


    Woman assisting elderly man walk

    Be a hospice volunteer. Hospice plays a key role in patient lives. Volunteers play a key role in exceptional hospice care at Wellmont.

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