Hearing and Audiology Services

Hearing and Audiology Services

When residents of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia are looking for quality hearing services and audiology care – including expert hearing evaluations, the most technologically advanced hearing aids or other hearing-related services and products – there is no better place to turn than the certified, licensed audiologists of Wellmont Health System.

The Hearing Center at Holston Valley Medical Center offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient audiology services for patients of all ages including outpatient services for newborns who demonstrate potential hearing difficulties before discharge from the nurseries at Bristol Regional Medical Center and Lonesome Pine Hospital.

Experience how hearing difficulties can affect a person's lifestyle using the Hearing Loss Simulator.

Why choose a Wellmont certified audiologist instead of a hearing aid specialist?

Wellmont’s certified audiologists specialize in the diagnosis and non-medical treatment of hearing and balance disorders. Audiologists in practice today are required to obtain advanced audiology degrees, pass national examinations and have supervised experience in a variety of clinical practices. They must also be certified by the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association or the American Academy of Audiology.

A hearing aid specialist is trained in the interpretation of hearing assessment instrumentation and in working with hearing aids and must have a high school diploma or equivalency degree but does not have the same comprehensive understanding of the human auditory system, hearing devices and hearing aid modification as a certified audiologist. Additionally, hearing aid specialists are not trained to work with children or infants and are not permitted to diagnose children or adjust their hearing aids unless under the direct supervision of an audiologist.

Individuals with hearing disorders or auditory conditions requiring identification will benefit from seeing a Wellmont audiologist with the medical background and experience necessary to effectively diagnose and help treat them.

Which hearing aid is best?

A hearing aid is an electronic device that amplifies sound delivered to the ear. It contains a microphone, amplifier and receiver. Traditional analog hearing aids are rarely used today, and most hearing aid companies no longer manufacture or repair them because the introduction of digital hearing aids has allowed a much clearer sound.

The Hearing Center at Holston Valley fits a wide variety of the most technologically advanced digital hearing aid products available today and can help make sure each patient receives the best hearing aid based on individual needs.


ITE Hearing AidIn-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids
ITE hearing aids have been used for years and fit the widest variety of hearing loss patients. ITE hearing aids contain microphone, amplifier and receiver technology inside a custom-fitted ear mold worn in the outer portion of the ear.
RIC Hearing AidReceiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids
RIC hearing aids are the most commonly requested type of hearing aid today because of their comfort and ease of use. A small device sits behind the ear with tubing that is attached to an ear bud or ear mold containing the amplifier. The ear bud or ear mold is worn in the outer portion of the ear.
CIC Hearing AidCompletely-in-the-ear (CIC) hearing aids
CIC hearing aids fit completely inside the ear canal. Only the head of a tiny plastic line used to insert and remove the hearing aid shows outside the ear canal.
BTE Hearing AidBehind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids
BTE hearing aid technology is housed in a casing that rests behind the ear. A clear plastic tube directs amplified sound into an ear mold inside the ear canal.

Payment for hearing aids

Since most insurance plans do not cover hearing aids, The Hearing Center at Holston Valley offers a convenient payment plan for patients without coverage or who are on a fixed income.

Wellmont has partnered with CarePayment, allowing hearing aid expenses to be paid over time at no additional cost to patients. CarePayment offers an interest-free payment plan with monthly payments as low as $25 or 4 percent of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater.

CarePayment is a convenient and interest-free way to pay for hearing aid expenses, offering patients peace of mind and improved quality of life through better hearing.

The Hearing Center at Holston Valley

The Hearing Center at Holston Valley, located inside Wilcox Hall on the campus of Holston Valley Medical Center, offers a variety of the latest audiology treatments for hospital patients and diagnostic services and hearing-related products for the community. From comprehensive hearing evaluations for patients of all ages to recommendations for rehabilitation and digital hearing aid products from leading manufacturers, The Hearing Center at Holston Valley uses the latest technologies to diagnose and treat the effects of hearing loss, returning the joys of good hearing to patients around the region.

Planning your visit to The Hearing Center at Holston Valley

Patients visiting The Hearing Center at Holston Valley may access the gated Radiology parking lot adjacent to Wilcox Hall. No passkey is required to enter this gated parking area, and a staff member will provide patients with a passkey to exit as they are leaving.

The Hearing Center at Holston Valley
9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Closed on holidays.
Call us today at (423) 224-5540.

Hearing and Audiology Forms

The following forms provide basic information necessary for patient evaluation. Patients may wish to download and complete the appropriate forms prior to their visit to The Hearing Center at Holston Valley.

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