Universal Medication Pocket Card

Download the Universal Medication Pocket Card now.Medication errors – when an individual takes or is given incorrect medicines or dosages of medicines – are one of the most common types of medical mistakes. They can lead to serious complications, sickness or even death. But now there's a tool you can use to help prevent medication errors, especially in the event of hospitalization or an emergency.

The Universal Medication Pocket Card is designed to fit into a purse or wallet and provides an easy, convenient location to record the names and dosages of prescribed and over-the-counter medications, herbs, vitamins and supplements and other details about how, why and when they should be taken.

There are several steps individuals can take to maintain an active role in the management of their medications:

  • Use the Universal Medication Pocket Card, and update it any time medications change.
  • Discard medications that are out of date or no longer taken.
  • Utilize the same pharmacy for all prescriptions and refills, so pharmacists can monitor for potential interactions and provide other important facts.
  • Remain aware of any allergies and record them in the provided location on the Universal Medication Pocket Card.
  • Remember to bring all medication bottles to your healthcare provider when being pre-admitted, if requested.

By taking a few simple steps and using the free Universal Medication Pocket Card, you can play an important role in eliminating dangerous medication errors.

Download the Universal Medication Pocket Card now.