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  • Why LiveWell?

    The mountain region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia provides many opportunities for healthy, active living. Unfortunately, our area consistently ranks as one of the least healthy in the nation.

    Though we can probably agree a healthier region starts with healthier people, we can probably also agree that the healthiest choices aren't always the easiest ones. Wellmont LiveWell, Wellmont Health System’s community health transformation initiative, is working to change that.

  • What is LiveWell?

    LiveWell combines Wellmont’s medical strengths and expertise with our relationships with businesses across the region, community organizations and others to champion a new tradition of wellness in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

    And LiveWell provides individuals with tools to help create a foundation and momentum for change. Learn more about LiveWell.

  • How can LiveWell help me?

    LiveWell isn't just about transforming the health of our region. It's about creating lasting change that will improve your personal health as well. We know it isn't easy, and we're committed to helping you.

    A free health assessment

    To start with, we're providing a free personal health assessment to help you begin your journey to better health. As is often said, knowing is half the battle – or at least a really important part of it.

    You'll have a hard time finding such a comprehensive free personalized assessment anywhere else.

    Healthy living tools and resources

    To help you go further along that health and wellness path, LiveWell also gives you access to:

  • How do I get started?

    The free personal health survey is a great place to begin. You'll receive a detailed personal wellness report once you complete the survey.

    Your report will suggest changes that can help improve your health and wellness now. Based on your health needs, it may also recommend screenings that can help you avoid problems down the road.

  • How can my business or organization can participate in LiveWell?

    If your business or organization is prepared to stand with LiveWell and its partners, which are listed to the right, please contact us. Someone from our Wellmont Business Health Solutions team will follow up with you.