• Wellmont LiveWell for businesses

    Wellmont LiveWell is calling on local businesses, municipalities and other organizations to join together and lead our communities to health success.

    Businesses are uniquely positioned to help us with this charge, as you have the leadership and co-worker support networks in place to encourage and reward employees for making individual commitments to health.

    Your employees' healthy habits can make your business healthier, too. Studies have shown that for every dollar spent on health care, businesses can gain $3 to $6 in return through productivity-related savings. And at no cost to you, LiveWell can help.

    LiveWell won't just help your financial bottom line. Healthier employees frequently report feeling happier and having a higher rate of job satisfaction as well.

    Put your business on a path to better health. Get started with LiveWell today.

  • Are you ready to put health care to work for your business?

    Business Health Solutions can help remove questions about business health plans and replace the chaos of healthcare contracting with the consistent, quality health solutions executives and their employees demand. Please contact us or call (423) 230-8165 to request more information for your business or organization.