• Trauma Centers & Trauma Care

    Trauma treatment services in the Tri-Cities and surrounding region of Northeast Tenn. and Southwest Va.

    In life-threatening trauma situations, minutes – or even seconds – can make the difference between life and death.

    That's why trauma patients need an immediate and comprehensive range of care. And that's what Wellmont Health System’s trauma patients receive.

    Using state-of-the-art technologies, our experienced trauma doctors, medical teams and other caregivers deliver lifesaving trauma care – from 24/7 emergency treatment to surgical services to rehabilitation.

    Trauma services

    As part of a commitment to providing the best possible trauma care, Wellmont's trauma centers offer:

    • Full diagnostic radiology services, including computed tomography and StatScan scanners in the trauma center at Holston Valley
    • 24/7 availability of surgery suites for trauma cases
    • Subspecialty surgical care in several areas, including cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and urology
    • Laboratory services
    • Hazardous material decontamination facilities
    • Outpatient follow-up and treatment by specialists
    • Rehabilitative services
    • Trauma registry to plot the cause, treatment and outcome of every case

    Wellmont's trauma centers work in collaboration with local EMS providers, ensuring timely response, decreased morbidity and mortality, exceptional access to care and improved outcomes for safer communities.

    What is a trauma center?

    In Tennessee, trauma centers are designated for three-year periods by the state's Board for Licensing Health Care Facilities.

    24/7 trauma physician presence

    To obtain trauma center status, a hospital must have a trauma physician in the emergency room at all times and provide access to other relevant medical specialties and subspecialties around the clock.

    About the Level I and Level II designations

    All trauma centers follow national guidelines to receive one of three levels of designation. The following levels of trauma care are available at Wellmont hospitals:

    Level I Trauma Center

    A Level I (Level One) Trauma Center provides the highest and most comprehensive level of service with a full range of specialists and equipment available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    To maintain Level I status, a trauma centers must admit a certain volume of severely injured patients each year and must offer educational, preventive and outreach programs. Level I centers are leaders in injury prevention.

    Level II Trauma Center

    Working in collaboration with Level I centers, a Level II (Level Two) Trauma Center provides comprehensive trauma care with round-the-clock availability of essential specialties, personnel and equipment.

    Where can I find Wellmont’s trauma centers?

    Level I Trauma Center – Kingsport, TN

    Designated the region's first Level I Trauma Center in 1988, Holston Valley Medical Center* is one of Tennessee’s six Level I centers.

    Level II Trauma Center – Bristol, TN

    Bristol Regional Medical Center is the only Level II Trauma Center in Tennessee.

    WellmontOne Air Transport and Med-Flight II

    WellmontOne Air Transport, Wellmont’s own helicopter, and Med-Flight II, a partnership between Wellmont and the Virginia State Police, take to the skies to provide advanced life-support air transportation for critically ill and injured residents across the region.

    With their experienced flight crews and medical teams, these air ambulances are ready for emergencies 24/7.

    *Holston Valley is a member of the Trauma Center Association of America.

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    WellmontOne air ambulance services

    Based at Bristol Motor Speedway, WellmontOne responds quickly to emergencies across the region.