• Emergency & Trauma Education, Community Partnerships

    Wellmont Health System’s emergency and trauma specialists offer variety of free educational programs for medical professionals each year.

    And teens, children and their parents can learn about important safety issues and accident prevention through community programs like Trauma Nurses Talk Tough, which you can learn more about below.

    Wellmont’s emergency centers also participate in annual disaster planning drills organized by local and state agencies.

    These are just a few of the ways Wellmont’s emergency and trauma services teams work to help prevent the very accidents they are daily prepared to treat, when necessary.

    Injury prevention and Trauma Nurses Talk Tough

    Nurses from Holston Valley Medical Center and Bristol Regional Medical Center offer Trauma Nurses Talk Tough. This is a free program that teaches parents, teenagers and children about safety topics and injury prevention.

    Trauma Nurses Talk Tough covers injury prevention topics such as:

    • Seatbelt safety
    • Dangers of speeding and driving impaired
    • Importance of wearing helmets when bicycling and skating

    Hearing about these topics from medical professionals who treat trauma injuries every day can significantly impact the lives of teenagers and children.

    A version of the Trauma Nurses Talk Tough program is also available for adults.

    For more information about scheduling Trauma Nurses Talk Tough for your group, please call (423) 224-5826 or (423) 844-2107.

    Bristol Motor Speedway medical care

    Racetrack care centers

    As the official medical provider for Bristol Motor Speedway, Wellmont has partnered with Philips Healthcare to create and equip care centers throughout the NASCAR track to treat fans and an infield care center to treat drivers.

    Our team of experienced physicians and support staff address minor ailments on site, while patients in need of more comprehensive care are transferred to Bristol Regional or Holston Valley.

    Air ambulance

    WellmontOne Air Transport, strategically based in Sullivan County at Bristol Motor Speedway, is positioned to respond swiftly to emergencies on race day or any other day across the region.

    This helicopter transports critically ill and injured patients from the farthest corners of our communities to Wellmont's trauma centers.

    Level One Heart Attack Network

    The Wellmont CVA Heart Institute’s Level One Heart Attack Network is supported by close collaboration between emergency medical services and Wellmont's emergency departments and hospitals.

    Because EMS providers and emergency departments play a significant role in the Level One Heart Attack Network, they are carefully trained by a Wellmont CVA Heart Institute cardiologist when they join the regional network.

    Physician partners

    When faced with emergencies, patients need to rely on the best care. Wellmont partners with top physicians in the community to ensure our emergency rooms are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the most experienced board-certified physicians, many of whom have specialized training in emergency care.


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    WellmontOne air ambulance services

    Based at Bristol Motor Speedway, WellmontOne responds quickly to emergencies across the region.